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What is activated charcoal?
First things first, we’re not talking about the BBQ coal you use in your outdoor grill, which would be toxic if you tried to ingest them. Activated charcoal can be made from a number natural carbon sources, SweeterTheJuice uses coconut shells! The charcoal is heated at extremely high temperatures, this is where the “activated” part of activated charcoal comes from. This process removes toxins and impurities and breaks it down to a fine powder, which in turn increases its surface area and leaves the resulting compound more porous than typical charcoal.

How it works in the body
The added surface area of the porous charcoal helps it bind to toxins and unwanted chemicals in the body, preventing them from being absorbed. Instead toxins are adsorbed by the activated charcoal, and since our bodies can’t process the charcoal, it’s eliminated, along with the excess toxins it carries.

Key uses of activated charcoal

   Due to its binding properties, activated charcoal can prevent drugs or poisons from being absorbed into the body, so it is often used to help eliminate toxins in the event of overdosing or poisoning (“The Hangover Cure”).Using activated charcoal to help remove poison from the body isn’t a new remedy; in fact, people began using activated charcoal as an antidote to poison more than 150 years ago.

SweeterTheJuice is the only charcoal beverage on the market that uses micro doses of activated charcoal. This allows you to enjoy our great tasting lemonade recipe every day. This plant base activated charcoal perfectly portioned with micro doses in each bottle that will help your body remove toxins that are consumed on a daily basis.

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